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Brave or Dying Life or Firing Squad

 I was going to post about some pretty localized and/or DIY stuff this week. But then I decided to push that for a future post. Instead I'll regale you with salty notes from my salty phone that's battery is being decimated by the latest iOS update.  Oh, here's a timely one from last week: I'm actually going to post about some limited time chips before they're lost to the ages (I'm pretty sure they're still readily available anyway). I'm on a streak! DORITOS LATE NIGHT BUFFALO HOT WINGS! LIMITED TIME!!! Doritos Late Night series of flavours have been hit and miss to be nice about it. I've posted on this blog about a few of their 'late night' flavours in the past. But the only thing that's really stuck with me about 'late night' is that it's often code for hot garbage. Did Buffalo Hot Wings live up to their older 'late night' bredren's bad rep? Na man, they're actually pretty decent. Going into this bag I had m
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Walking Around Town

2020's has been a rollercoaster to say the least. One of the highs that I've been able to find has been by way of mcenroe putting out the Peanuts & Corn 2020 Pod in association with Ugsmag. If you're into music history (more specifically the history of Canadian rap [for the most part within the prairies] then it is an absolute goldmine). Just over a month(?) ago mcenroe put up a P&C adjacent episode with soso . For the most part Sask rap is a pretty big blind spot for me, back in the Napster days I stumbled upon Isosceles, then as the years have gone by I've gotten into Def3 through Sweatshop Union which lead me to Factor and Kay the Aquanaut (that Side Road fam) but up until the soso podcast episode I was unaware of the Clothes Horse Records of it all. Well, let me tell you, I've been missing out, I'm trying to dip in slowly so that I don't overload myself with new music. mcenroe played Hungover for Three Days Straight from soso's 2005 tenth s

Worms of the Senses / Faculties of the Skull

I'm not sure if Sweden is a peculiar place or if maybe they weird up their exports sometimes to mess with people. Either way, my wife went to Ikea this past week and brought me back a couple bags of Ikea chips..(which are a product of the USA..but really, if you're naming your chips fleshlight..err, festligt [wait, that means festive? in english, I thought it'd mean something to do with chips] it seems like they're at least trying to front Swedish). Every so often I return to The Shape of Punk to Come to see if I'm finally down like a clown..Charlie Brown..with the entire album. Each time, before returning to it I tend to think that there's something about it that I just don't get or am not into (hence it not being in my collection). So, about an hour ago I threw it on. The first song is an absolute rager, and at 7 minutes (for a hardcore song) that's quite a feat. They maintain rager status throughout the album, throwing in different world sounds, funk

Cold Turkey

 Billy Liar put out his debut LP, Some Legacy , on Red Scare last year. Some Legacy is full band punk rock (Joe McMahon's on second guitar, backup vocs..and produced the album) based around Billy's acoustic guitar. The music is mid to up tempo and somewhat bright, melodic with some harmonies..which is juxtaposed against Billy's fairly dark and dire lyrics. These are absolutely beautiful songs that when reading the lyrics come off as a form of therapy. Billy's gone through and, if the lyrics on this album are any indication, is still going through some real shit. Mental health is at the forefront of his lyrics, both his own and people close to him (noose is beautifully written and absolutely heart wrenching lyrics..backed by melody, harmonies and poppy music). The political and economical turmoil that Scotland is currently going through makes its way into the songs. This is an amazing album that if you want to take it superficially you can just bop along to the music..t

Dollars and Sense

 A fellow chippie? chipper? chip lover sent me an email last week recommending the Arriba Sweet Chili flavour, Limited Time Flavour, tortilla chips. As I should, I took C's recommendation seriously, but didn't find myself at a store to search for said chips. Coincidentally..and lucky for me..a couple days later my wife brought home some bags of Arriba guac and Arriba sweet chili chips. Yippiekayea. I was quite excited to try the Sweet Chili for a few reasons; I've recently realized my previous (unwarranted) bias against Arriba flavours was, well, wrong, the aforementioned recommendation, and Doritos Sweet Chili Heat is one of my go to's any day anytime. So lets crack this limited time flavour open (I'm actually reviewing these while they're still available, whoa). They smell like corn tortilla chips, the flavouring looks from afar similar to Doritos flavour that they're aping, upon closer inspection the flavouring is more granular with visible sugar. Once I

The Target Demographic Has Had It Up To Here

 In 2011 there were 2 albums that came out of nowhere for me and absolutely blew me away. I believe the reason I got The Credentials Goocher was because It's Alive Records was one of the labels that put it out (this was near the start of me getting everything on IAR sight unseen..err..unheard [there's a Traffic Street Records connection as TSR put out The Credentials first album however I didn't get that one until after Goocher]). Now I'm not sure what made me pick up Ridgemont's Colder Days , it was either because Kiss of Death put it out..or maybe I had found the member and sonic link through The Credentials (for the life of me I can't remember [it really doesn't matter anyway, what matters is that it found it's way to my ears and record collection]). The Credentials and Ridgemont were from Boston, Mass and played a gruff version of pop punk that was almost, I want to say crusty (they're definitely not crust but there's something about their

Purple Rain

President's Choice typically makes choice chips, you dig? So when I dug into a bag of PC Kettle Cooked Caramelized Onion & Balsamic Vinegar what where my findings. Well, let me tell you! They didn't have a real scent when I cracked the bag. The chips are covered in a sweet onion powdery flavouring (almost a french onion soup flavour at times) with a tart aftertaste. The chips are tilting slightly towards the well cooked side of the spectrum, with a hint at being well cooked. Their crunch is average or mid weight (however you want to look at it). Pretty good bag of chips. They're sort of a heavy flavour...does that make sense? So a week or so ago I was listening to Jonah Raydio (podcast) and he mentioned a 'late night' comedy show on youtube that's rooted in metal called Two Minutes to Late Night . Jonah's description may have been better than mine thus far because it made me go check it out. Now let me tell you what I think of this 'Two Minutes to La