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Limited edition..whether it's motivated financially or strictly due to marketing, limited edition can be a real bitch for one that enjoys collecting. When you're at the top of the food chain (purchaser zero) it's not such a bad thing to want the limited pressing of a record, however if you miss the boat and find yourself in need (want) of a limited pressing, bummer. There are far too many greasy turds out there that will snatch up a record and flip it on ebay/discogs/what have you. These people bum me out..that and record store day pressings. Record store day can (for the most part) eat a dick. Big labels with big name bands releasing limited pressings not because they have to but because they can, ugh. Anyway, I'm not really here to talk about limited edition/pressings. I'm here to talk about pressings that are limited...then repressed because why not. I specifically have the Slayer Vinyl Conflict box set in mind. When this box set was released in 2010, at the time

You Make Me Feel Like a Whore

Every once in a while the "Lays do us a flavour/flavor" gimmick produces a tasty chip flavour..but in general they usually produce bland if not offensive, fit for the garbage can, duds. When I read both the Canadian and American entries for 2015 I was, well, disappointed. It read like a rundown of taint influenced salty snacks. There were some (somewhat long shot) potentially tasty flavours (mostly to the south of the 49th parallel). I only managed to procure 1 American flavour for 2015..I've had New York Reuben and Montreal Smoked Meat collecting dust in the salty cellar for a minute. I assumed that they'd taste almost exactly the same (salty faux meat) and didn't anticipate a recommendation to come out of the review (it should be noted that I entered Reuben on Kettle Cooked into the Canadian contest). My sister in law thoughtfully picked me up a bag of New york Reuben when she was in Vegas this past summer. I was interested in trying these chips, however the m