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The One True Freak

In the latter part of 2018 I picked up The Brokedowns newest album Sick of Space. The Brokedowns play bouncy punk rock that is mid to up tempo. Both the music and vocals can be at times quite aggressive..abrasive..the vocals are slightly strained but it's intentional and it fits the bands sound. There's some nice harmonies. They have a Festy gruffness to them. The lyrics are darkly funny criticisms about..well, to be very broad, how the world is going to shit. They paint pictures in your mind somewhere between a 90s Tarantino movie and an adult swim cartoon. They have just the right amount of grit and anger to make for a very enjoyable listen. This is the third Brokedowns album that I've purchased and it's the 3rd for a reason, they always deliver the goods. Bangin'. I usually try to have some sort of connection between the music and chips in each blog..well this week I'm writing about Pringles so don't read too deep into the connection. The best connectio


Franks grilled cheese & ketchup. Covered Bridge. Taste like ketchup, followed by au gratin then culminating in a combo of the 2. CBmini ridged kettle cooked. You can taste the potato in conjunction w seasoning. Great chips, decent flavour.  (The above is a direct cut and paste from my phone notes.  I saw and picked these up at a Canadian Tire [hence the Franks labeling] in Calgary this past November. Hadn’t had breakfast yet and they were more than sufficient to break my fast. Covered Bridge has so many interesting business partnerships. Hazzah!) Calgary’s Knucklehead (that basically went on to become Territories [I believe I blogged about Territories self titled in Nov/Dec of 2018]) put out their last few releases through Pirates Press. You know who else has a history of releasing music through Pirates Press? Lenny (and the Piss Poor Boys) Lashley, most recently through the form of his sophomore Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One album, All Are Welcome. I got into Lashley through