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Money Makes Us Happy

Hey Ricky, thanks for the Lay's "Do Us a Flavor: The Pitch" Kettle Cooked Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese chips. I love it when I'm gifted chips or have a chip exchange and recently Ricky and V brought me back a couple American Lay's DUaF chips. They're Lay's kettle cooked; that means that the chips are generally all the same hue of yellowish/off-white (ie, lack of browned chips) with an 'average thickness' providing a good midweight crunch..the exact chips that Joe Chip-consumer pictures when they're told kettle surprises here. Now you're asking, how groundbreaking is this Lay's are known for their groundbreaking awesome flavours that came out of their do us a mean..yeah. Everything Bagel w Cream Cheese are a pretty passive flavour, I would place them as a first cousin to sour cream and onion. There are, however, poppy seeds sprinkled on the chips which may not seem like a big deal but when wa


It's Alive Records recently put out 2 new LP's and a 7", rejoice! Of the 3 releases is City Mouse's first full length Get Right . If you've never heard of this 3 piece before, they craft bouncy energetic pop punk with a bit of bite. For the most part they're on the upside of mid tempo, would be fun to see live, danceable.The driving force behind this band, Miski Dee Rodriguez has a powerful soulful voice. Her vocals have an almost blues rock flavour to them. A lot of the lyrics are relationship based but not saccharine or bitter. Catchy melodies that get you bobbing your head and tapping your toe. Great LP that lives up to the promise of their previous EP's (which were fantastic). Paprika & Sweet Onion you say? Lay's you say. Win with Flavour! FAMILY SIZE!! NEW!!! Are they sweet with a bit of bite like (I tried to match to) City Mouse!?! Initial thoughts, mesquite bbq. I'm tasting the odd zing of red onion (even though the picture on the bag s