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Brave or Dying Life or Firing Squad

 I was going to post about some pretty localized and/or DIY stuff this week. But then I decided to push that for a future post. Instead I'll regale you with salty notes from my salty phone that's battery is being decimated by the latest iOS update.  Oh, here's a timely one from last week: I'm actually going to post about some limited time chips before they're lost to the ages (I'm pretty sure they're still readily available anyway). I'm on a streak! DORITOS LATE NIGHT BUFFALO HOT WINGS! LIMITED TIME!!! Doritos Late Night series of flavours have been hit and miss to be nice about it. I've posted on this blog about a few of their 'late night' flavours in the past. But the only thing that's really stuck with me about 'late night' is that it's often code for hot garbage. Did Buffalo Hot Wings live up to their older 'late night' bredren's bad rep? Na man, they're actually pretty decent. Going into this bag I had m

Walking Around Town

2020's has been a rollercoaster to say the least. One of the highs that I've been able to find has been by way of mcenroe putting out the Peanuts & Corn 2020 Pod in association with Ugsmag. If you're into music history (more specifically the history of Canadian rap [for the most part within the prairies] then it is an absolute goldmine). Just over a month(?) ago mcenroe put up a P&C adjacent episode with soso . For the most part Sask rap is a pretty big blind spot for me, back in the Napster days I stumbled upon Isosceles, then as the years have gone by I've gotten into Def3 through Sweatshop Union which lead me to Factor and Kay the Aquanaut (that Side Road fam) but up until the soso podcast episode I was unaware of the Clothes Horse Records of it all. Well, let me tell you, I've been missing out, I'm trying to dip in slowly so that I don't overload myself with new music. mcenroe played Hungover for Three Days Straight from soso's 2005 tenth s