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Apple Shampoo

Colleen Green released a complete Dude Ranch cover album this past August on Burger Records. Does it bang you ask? Yes (well, it's a fantastic take on the album, but maybe bang isn't the best choice of descriptor). Colleen took all 15 of the songs on Dude Ranch and slowed them down to about 3/4 speed (as played by Coleen Green clocks in at just about 64 minutes while the original album was a tight 45). Colleen's almost whispered (but not quite) vocals are accompanied by her playing a short scale bass through what sounds like some sort of pedal. This cover album is sleepy but not boring and breathes new, and different life, into a classic album. How do the sometimes juvenile lyrics hold up when delivered more clearly with stripped down backing you ask? They hold up, now take off and stop asking silly questions. (I believe that) This is a great album on it's own merit, but it's hard for me to speak to anything related to Dude Ranch without a bit of a bias . I'd

Daytime Television

The last time I wrote about Tomahawk Chips, I regaled you with my take on their BBQ and Ketchup flavours. I tried to track down an easier way to find them locally (you can order them on now) but it was to no avail (they didn't email me back). Low and behold, my friend Top was at a store recently and picked me up a bag of Fire Chip (spicy flavour)..(unbeknownst to her that these chips were actually on my active list of chips to try). First thing's first, who's the artist who created the front art for the bag..(because as far as I can tell the art comes first, chips come second with Tomahawk Chips)..well it was none other than Mabel Nigiyok. Mabel created a piece with what appears to be Inuit hunters with seals, a polar bear and some buffalo among a landscape. As I was reading the back of the bag looking for the artist, I noticed that they have a "Friendchip Choice, Native Canadian Chip Corporation" slogan and logo (I also noticed that these chips are best