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novella ella ella eh

I missed the boat last year, so this year as soon as I heard that it was Donair ("Greco Donair 310 30 30 Atlantic Canadas #1 Donair" according to the bag) season in the Covered Bridge world I ordered a half dozen bags (limited batch yo!). It should go without saying that I have mild expectations for this salty bag of (hopefully) goodness (to say the least). It took me a week to get down to business and now here I sit with the beautiful blue bag in front of me. Tear, whiff, medium well done potato chips with some sort of indistinguishable (by scent) seasoning. With the ol' maw watering I tossed one in..the actual chips being Covered Bridge are as usual bangin', a nice shade of brown with the skins and a mid level kettle cooked crunch. The seasoning isn't overly aggressive. Slightly sweet with an almost hint of tomato, onion and..mayo? After consuming for a while there's a hint of almost mesquite bbq flavour (mostly in the aftertaste). I was initially a little u

Smoking Kills

Todays live salty snack...London Flavours Premium British Crisps: Oak Smoked Chilli. They smell like bar-b-que, you know the bbq flavours before mesquite came to be all up in the system. They look like a mid weight chip that's somewhere between kettle cooked and baked. Upon consumption, I found a chip with a good dense crunch and the odd air pocket of flakeyness. Seasoning is generous, very salty chips. Flavour has a mild mesquite sweetness with some very present bbq smokey flavour. There is a decent chilli afterkick, but lightweight enough that you don't break a sweat. These chips are a new flavour without necessarily being foreign. The oak becomes more and more present the further that I get into the bag. Bangin' bag of crisps. Keeping it on that UK tip. Until recently I had only heard OF the Brighton band Gnarwolves and not actually heard them. Something about the name just didn't click with me. Well, recently something triggered me to check out their bandcamp pag

Take A Seat (even)

Great things come out of Canada..and sometimes not so great things come out of the north. FINALLY. Kettle Brandon Potato Chips..Classic Caesar. "great taste...naturally"..we'll see Kettle Brand, you've burnt me in the past! Are they fragrant? Not really, they smell like kettle cooked greasy potatoes. Are they depends if you like caesars? My initial impression is clamato juice with celery salt. There is the odd hint of addition to the odd hint of worcestershire sauce. The heat of these chips is similar to, however you want to spell it with more of an afterburn. To me it tastes almost like a black pepper based heat..maybe a mild chili pepper kick. The grease level is medium rare, they're Kettle Brand so there's going to be some excessive grease but not bad. These are the best K.B. flavour that I've had in a minute, good on ya. Great taste, yeah dude. (for those who don't live in places that readily carry these,