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Dollars and Sense

 A fellow chippie? chipper? chip lover sent me an email last week recommending the Arriba Sweet Chili flavour, Limited Time Flavour, tortilla chips. As I should, I took C's recommendation seriously, but didn't find myself at a store to search for said chips. Coincidentally..and lucky for me..a couple days later my wife brought home some bags of Arriba guac and Arriba sweet chili chips. Yippiekayea. I was quite excited to try the Sweet Chili for a few reasons; I've recently realized my previous (unwarranted) bias against Arriba flavours was, well, wrong, the aforementioned recommendation, and Doritos Sweet Chili Heat is one of my go to's any day anytime. So lets crack this limited time flavour open (I'm actually reviewing these while they're still available, whoa). They smell like corn tortilla chips, the flavouring looks from afar similar to Doritos flavour that they're aping, upon closer inspection the flavouring is more granular with visible sugar. Once I

The Target Demographic Has Had It Up To Here

 In 2011 there were 2 albums that came out of nowhere for me and absolutely blew me away. I believe the reason I got The Credentials Goocher was because It's Alive Records was one of the labels that put it out (this was near the start of me getting everything on IAR sight unseen..err..unheard [there's a Traffic Street Records connection as TSR put out The Credentials first album however I didn't get that one until after Goocher]). Now I'm not sure what made me pick up Ridgemont's Colder Days , it was either because Kiss of Death put it out..or maybe I had found the member and sonic link through The Credentials (for the life of me I can't remember [it really doesn't matter anyway, what matters is that it found it's way to my ears and record collection]). The Credentials and Ridgemont were from Boston, Mass and played a gruff version of pop punk that was almost, I want to say crusty (they're definitely not crust but there's something about their