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Children Shouldn't Play With Guns

I was recently at Into the Music in Winnipeg par-oozing the punk/hardcore section (a mix of new and used) and I found an interesting looking LP. The cover looked like a christian rock album from the 70's, the band "Christ On A Crutch" and album title "Shit Edge and Other Songs For The Young and Sentimental". Upon closer inspection this turned out to be a double LP with the second album being " Spread Your Filth The Doughnut and Bourbon Years ". Since I had never heard of Christ on a Crutch before, I figured it would be a good time to introduce myself to this (assumed) punk? band..after all it was only $12 (score!?). This past weekend the daughter and I were having lunch so I figured I'd throw on some music, and heck, why not make it music that neither of us had ever heard (at least I'm pretty sure she hadn't listened to Christ on a Crutch before..but who knows..right?). I had no real expectations for this album (I avoided researching anythi

Smells Like Teen Spirit

This past weekend I was at Superstore grabbing some groceries and I noticed that Planters Wasabi & Soy Sauce flavoured almonds were on sale. A while ago I had Blue Diamonds version of Wasabi & Soy Sauce almonds and quite enjoyed them so I figured I'd give Planters a throw..and well, they were like 33% off so why not. When I got them home, peeled off the lid, broke the seal and took a look I saw exactly what I expected, almonds complete with their skins and a white powder coating on them (I didn't initially take a whiff, but after consuming a few handfuls I dipped my nose into the smelt like salted back to the tale). I tossed a few in my mouth and was, well, disappointed. Yeah, there was a smidgen of wasabi bite to them (nowhere near what I was expecting) and (according to my tastebuds) no soy sauce flavour (after all was said and done maybe 5% or less had some trace of what could be considered a soy sauce flavour). I thought, 'maybe those