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Warm Beer & Wild Times

This past summer I was in an independent dollar store and I came across a brand of chips that I had never heard of; (Beyond Good Brand) Uncle Rays ( Always Made Fresh from Nature's Best). There were some interesting flavour titles which piqued my attention. Upon closer inspection of the bag I noticed that there was a "chapter" of "The Life and Times of Uncle Ray ", what the what? I started looking around at the other bags, each bag had a different "chapter" (and it wasn't flavour dependent). I'm not sure how many chapters there are to Uncle Ray's story but I can tell you there are at least 36. At this point it should go without saying their marketing sucked me in, I took home a handful of Uncle Ray's (hopefully tasty) chips. Fast forward to Uncle Ray's Kosher Dill. Visual Inspection: standard potato chip. Density: Light and thin Flavour: Well..the seasoning is quite light in general and fairly uneven. Some chips tasted like s

Is This A Test?

I think I'm starting to go crazy. I swear that I saw CLOWNS - Bad Blood on some year end lists for 2016..which makes no sense being that it was a Feb 2015 release. Maybe I saw their Destroy the Evidence single on a list and stumbled my way backwards. Or maybe because it was released in Europe in 2016...does it even matter? Now that's out of the way. CLOWNS , amiright. This group of Melbourne punk rockers put out Bad Blood just about 2 years ago and I must say it is quite the enjoyable 38 minutes (11:21 being the final track). The singer goes from yelling to screaming with the odd guttural growl and/or screech, it can be quite manic..which in my books is fantastic. Overall they traverse the hardcore spectrum; melodic to street punk to straight forward HC. There's rock and roll present throughout the whole thing with just a dash of pop. The singer's range of delivery brings Pears to mind (but slightly less frantic). Every once in a while I get a real The (later era) Un