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Talk Is Cheap

I'm a 30 something from Manitoba who's into it should go without saying that my music collection contains albums from both Propagandhi and Combeback Kid. With that said, I don't believe my Manitoban status skews this next statement, Comeback Kid were huge in the mid to late aughts. I somehow missed the boat in their early years, I remember seeing Figure Four in Brandon, however if CBK played I wasn't in attendance. It wasn't until their sophomore album, Wake the Dead , that I caught the CBK bug (wow, until I pulled up the full album on youtube I never realized Wake the Dead was only 25 minutes). It was heavy, melodic and just full of energy. There were plenty of mosh worthy breakdowns, but it wasn't straight up meathead music. Early CBK had enough 81 in their DNA to deserve the punk suffix after hardcore. I also consider myself lucky to have witnessed Comeback Kid live in the Scott Wade years. I don't recall Scott being much of a talker but he just

The Devil's Martyr

It's great when people pick up chips for me when they're out and about. A couple weeks ago a friend from work (Tyler) was dipping down to the states and asked if I wanted any chips. To both of our chagrin, the Voodoo Heat (Zapp's) that I had filled him in on where nowhere to be found. He was however still nice enough to bring me back a couple bags of chips, one of them being Lay's Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle Flavored. When I read the bag it seemed familiar but I wasn't 100% positive, I searched the blog but nothing came I looked through my phone notes and what do you know, low and behold Lay's released a bag of chips last year under an almost identical name, "Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle Remix "inspired by hip-hop music" (I'll touch on that bag later). I cracked my new bag of Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle and took a whiff..mostly dill pickle seasoning with a slight oiled potato smell (not much, if any, flamin hot that my nose picked up on)