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Bogus Journey / Focus on Your Own Family

Salt & Vinegar Ruffles, what up! According to the bag "IT'S BACK FOR A LIMITED TIME". So if you're not familiar with Ruffles, they're a light to mid-weight mini ridged chip (like the ridges are 1mm or so). They're fairly uniformly yellowish white in colour. The crunch is decent considering the density of the chip and the fact that they're not kettle cooked (2 to 3x the crunch of standard flat Lays). How is the flavour you ask, well let me tell you..bangin'. The vinegar is very present (which is what I'm always looking for [not quite "extra salt and vinegar" but they're somewhere between regular and extra]), you're tongue feels it about 70g into the 220g bag. Good crunch and somewhat aggressive vinegar flavour with some nice mini ridges for dipping. Don't sleep on this, like the bag says, "LIMITED TIME". While we're on that limited time tip, Iron Chic and Off With Their Heads are coming/coming back to Winnip


Lets preface this with the fact that I know that Japan and China are distinctly different places. Now that that's out of the way, Potshot was a Japanese ska-punk band that existed (according to their wiki) from '95 to '05. I was introduced to them through (I believe) Napster. Around 2001 (give or take a year) I stumbled upon Radio from their first album Pots and Shots , which being the killer track that it is, quickly made it to a mixed cd and forced the band name Potshot to stick in my head. A few years later, torrents rolled around and I got my download on of full albums. Fast forward to 2007 (give or take a year), Asian Man Records had record bundles for sale and 2 of Potshot's albums were in the deal, Pots and Shots and 'til I die, I jumped at the chance to hear more Potshot. They're a super uptempo (verging on frenetic) ska band (I'd put in the same family as the Suicide Machines..with less aggressive vocals and more brass) with plenty o' harmonie