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Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight

Lets keep the train from last week chips this week are: BRANNIGANS PROPER THICK CUT CRISPS; ROAST BEEF & MUSTARD. Lets start off saying that the potato portion of these are the same bomb ass chips that I described last week . At this point in time, Brannigans Proper Thick Cut Crisps in my opinion are King. That out of the way, lets move on to the flavour. When I opened the bag there appeared to be a brown powder generously covering these perfect potato chips. There was no distinct smell coming from the bag (regular potato yadda yadda). When I popped the chip in my mouth I was a little surprised. I was expecting some sort of yellow mustard type flavour..what I got was a big ol' slap of hot horseradish. These chips had more bite than Deep River Snacks Aged Cheddar Horseradish . I taste no mustard flavour at all. The horseradish lasts for a few seconds then the bite dissipates leaving a very small hint of faux beef flavouring along with potato. The 40g bag is the perfec

Lean On Me

I first saw The Flatliners on May 9, 2003. They were opening for Bigwig/The Planet Smashers on the grind tour and kicked ass. Their sound has changed since that date but it hasn't stopped them from becoming one of my favourite bands both recorded and live. Because of my affinity for The Flatliners I was drawn to The Warehouse (Calgary) on September 26, 2007. Having never heard the other bands that were to be playing that night I had very few preconceived notions (I did very little, super lazy, research), I was just there to see The Flatliners and hoped the other bands didn't suck. To my absolute surprise and amazement, the opening? band (might have been 2nd of 4, I can't remember for sure [it really doesn't matter]) The Peacocks absolutely slayed. This 3 piece punkabilly band from Winterthur, Switzerland owned the stage. There was no fancy lighting, costumes or pyrotechnics..just three guys in jeans and black shirts rocking out. When they played there was pure uncut en

I Love Religion

A couple months ago my mom was in Winners and saw a bag of Deep River Snacks Aged Cheddar Horseradish Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, being the thoughtful lady she is she snagged a bag of them for me. A couple weeks ago my friend Ricky was at a different Winners and sent me a picture of the same chips. I guess it was a sign that it's time to crack em open and get my crunch on. This evening I went to my chip cellar and grabbed the flat orange bag of salty goodness. I've been anticipating these chips since I was gifted them, I love me some horseradish. I opened the bag and surveyed; orange tinted chips with a little white powder on em, not overly shiny..promising. I got my chipping hand ready and snagged the most flavourful looking chip. Pretty much as soon as it touches your tongue you're hit with a distinct hot horseradish zing..which dissipates fairly quickly. The aged cheddar flavouring is very faint (as in barely there). The seasoning on these chips is very light, you get a