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M'lady gave me a bag of Great Lakes (Potato Chip Co.) Kettle Cooked Buffalo Wing Potato Chips "Skin On" "Made in Traverse City Michigan" a couple months ago. I just cracked the bag and took a whiff..vinegar? Visually the flavour doesn't look very well distributed. I picked a semi seasoned looking chip out of the bag and yeah, not much flavour with a bit of a heat stiner. I then picked out a chip that looked well coloured (and assumed seasoned) and it was. The flavour is very much like any mass produced medium to hot mass produced buffalo hot sauce (my reference point is the three pepper President's Choice buffalo hot sauce [hot vinegar based sauce with a hint of {I think} ranch]). When you get a well seasoned chip they're quite enjoyable, nice crunch without being overly greasy for kettle cooked..but the well seasoned chips are somewhere between 5 and 10% of the bag so..take from this what you want. The seasoning distribution is similar to Uncle Ray&

Just Like Heaven

What do Old Dutch Salt 'n Vinegar taste like you ask? Well, they're a standard (non-kettle cooked) potato chip that are on the lightweight side of crunch. At times the seasoning seems almost powdery to the taste. The vinegar flavour is quite tart. For the most part the seasoning is well distributed throughout the bag (the odd chips is more towards the light side). They're not the most rigid chip but if you have a soft dip they'll work (S&V is a great dipping seasoned chip in general [I guess almost all staple flavours are good for dipping]). Old Dutch doesn't break any barriers with their standard line of chips but they're passable in most circumstances. The first tape that I recall owning was Jock Rock, Volume 2. The first cd that I ever bought was Weird Al's Bad Hair Day. The first record that I purchased was (I believe) The Cure's Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. I haven't listened the Jock Rock or Bad Hair Day in a while, but I'd like to thin

Point The Blame

Sometimes co-op (sorry if you don't live in western Canada) releases chips flavours that are straight up bangers. This past Tuesday I cracked out a bag of co-op Gold, Kettle Cooked Black Pepper & Balsamic Vinegar chips. Do they have a distinct scent..not really. The chips are mid to light weight on the kettle cooked spectrum. Even though they're not the heaviest chips they still deliver a good crunch. The flavour is fairly evenly distributed throughout the bag with both balsamic vinegar and black pepper being present (go figure, right?) without being overly aggressive. When consuming, the vinegar flavour hits slightly earlier than the pepper. The tartness followed up with a black pepper minor heat is quite enjoyable. Damn fine chips (hey co-op, don't let these go the way of jalapeno dill [while you're at it, please bring back jalapeno dill]).  About a year ago I went to an all ages show at the East End CC. I went there for the Uglies but I was pleasantly surprised