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Simple Song

Ever since Local 604 I've been a fan of Sweatshop Union and the emcees and groups that that union was comprised of (if you're not be aware of them, they haven't put out an album in 6 years and even at that I believe they may have been more of a Canadian commodity that was known stateside in isolate pockets [primarily the west coast]). As a group, Sweatshop isn't all that active these days however individually they're still out there. Off the top of my head I know Pigeon Hole are putting out bangin' west coast bass and playing festivals/touring regularly, Ray Black is out there DJing, and Mo Moshiri, well he put out his debut solo album this past September. If you don't recognize the specific name Mo Moshiri you may recognize him as Mos Eisley of Dirty Circus..of Sweatshop Union, haha. When I heard about Mo's pending album, Can I Tell You Something , in February I was pretty excited, after Sweatshop. Was Can I Tell You Something a major departur

Trash It

So Off With Their Heads put out a new album this past August ( Be Good ), it was their first album since 2013's Home and I don't believe I'm off base when I say that it was highly anticipated in punk world. Ryan Young and co. have always put out fantastic music that has increasing returns and Be Good is nowhere near being an exception to the rule. Ryan has returned with his tunefully weathered vocal chords delivering his heart on his sleeve. If you follow Anxious and Angry you'll know that this album coincided with the dissolution of a long term relationship which is front and centre throughout the album. Musically and lyrically it's a heavy album, the lyrics are downright dark with very few glimpses of light. The music and vocal delivery however is dynamic with pop and melody throughout, oh and did I mention there is a good portion that is heavy (my wife described it as angry music the other day when I had it playing, I guess I can see where she was