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I can't remember how I was introduced to Rancid. I think it was either through the X Games Pro Boarder soundtrack or Punk-o-rama vol. 1. Either way, if you were lucky enough to be introduced to Rancid in the late 90's you know one thing, they were amazing. The songs were catchy without sacrificing substance and the bass lines were mind blowing. Rancid had respect and in my opinion made no missteps, that includes Rancid (2000). Since I hadn't fully experienced a new Rancid album when it was in fact, new, I was pretty excited in 2003 when I heard that there was a new album slated for release. I had some apprehension being that they made a deal with Warner Bro's but whatever, they hadn't let me down yet. Finally the first single, Fall Back Down, was released. It wasn't a terrible song..but as the leading single it left something to be desired. I still held onto hope that the album would be good. It wasn't. I tried to give it a chance, I wanted to like it but I

Sink or Swim

April 1, 2001, The day that I attended my first punk rock show. I found out in the spring of 2001 that Gob, one of Canada's biggest punk bands at the time, was actually coming through Brandon. Everyone that I associated with was going to this show, it was going to be huge. Not only was this the best way to cap off spring break but it was the day after my 15th birthday. Happy birthday to me. When I picked up my ticket there were 2 other bands listed that I had never heard of and didn't really care to look into; Big Wig and Bowling for Soup. Excitement was growing leading up to the show, I could hardly wait to hear Soda. Late afternoon on April 1st I met up with a group of friends then headed to the Victoria Inn ready for my introduction to the rest of my life. The opening bands were good, I was in the pit, shit was getting wild but honestly I wasn't paying much attention to the music, I was just waiting for the headliner. Finally Gob took the stage. My hair was blown back,

The Devil's Takin' Names

From my (limited) research the origin of this rant dates back to the spring/summer of 2009. I was at 7-Eleven, a couple blocks from where I was living at the time, strolling through the chip section looking for something to snack on. All of a sudden something caught my eye. There was a new flavour of Doritos! This bag was white with a question mark in the centre of the bag and no name describing what taste would be found within. I was stoked! Doritos rarely has a dud flavour. I snatched up a full size bag, paid the lady and sprinted home. I don't remember the exact series of events that unfolded when I got to my apartment so I will describe what is the most likely scenario. I opened the door to the apartment, "New Doritos flavour!" I most likely exclaimed to my roommates Mike and/or Adam as I opened the bag with the excitement of a 6 year old on Christmas morning. I darted my hand into the bag and pulled a couple Doritos. As the chips got closer to my mouth a pool of

Piss Angel

I'm not super into metal. I enjoy dabbling into the genre every once in a while, however I am far from being an expert.  A good number of years ago I read a review of this band called Pig Destroyer; they had no bassist and played some heavy fucking metal. I checked them out on myspace because the review, and name of the band, intrigued me. The music was good enough, however being that I lean more towards the punk side of the music spectrum I didn't feel the need to add any of their music to my collection. That being said their name has always stuck with me..and whenever I put those words together it brings to mind blackness. I can only assume that their shows have the gnarliest of mosh pits. In my mind it'd be one of those pits that people go into expecting to get hurt. The first few minutes might be awesome but eventually you end up with a bloody nose and dislocated shoulder. It's more of a dick out than a fun time... This past Friday I had a small bag of Blair'