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You know what's very hard to google? Fish and Chips (with extra Tartar Sauce) Potato Chips. Shit man, I'd even settle for just Tartar Sauce potato chips (I just added the Fish and Chips part in there for..marketability?). But seriously, I love tartar sauce and I think it would lend itself to a chip flavour perfectly. Think about it, a creamy sweet pickle/vinegar based flavour. It's just tweaking the creamy dill adding a hint of onion and lemon and voila, one bangin' flavour. Lets continue on this concept..I'm gonna let you in on a little secret..chips are made from are fries. Kettle cooking chips is basically deep frying them..the best fish is battered and deep fried. Kettle cooked chips that are tartar sauce flavoured (we all know that names only relate to the actual chips part of the the kettle cooking covers the 'fish' side of the name). Come on Covered Bridge, this just screams your name. I look forward to ordering a case of the 201

Bound to Wear Thin

So I was talking to Adam, I says, "Hey Adam, have you tried Kettle Brand (Cooked in 100% Avocado Oil) Hawaiian Barbeque with ginger infused sea salt chips?" Adam replied, "Naw man. What they taste like?" "Well let me tell you. They your standard somewhat greasy Kettle Brand kettle cooked chips with a decent crunch and the skins left on the potatoes", I replied. As I took a breath to continue with my assessment Adam interrupted me, "I asked what they taste like, not what the actual chips are like. You have the attention span of a goldfish!" "I was getting there! They're a sweet barbeque with less of a barbeque twang and more of a pineapple sweetness. You definately get a Taste of Ginger *wink* with 'em as well. They're a lighter flavour than the typical sweet barbeque chip flavour. Pretty damn good. Almost as good as Ogikubo Station , you know, that band on Asian Man that put out an EP this past March" "You mea