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(If you take nothing more away from this post, go listen to the music in the second paragraph..and if you don't want to listen to all of it, just go listen to 1996 [then work your way backwards from there) So I've had a bag of..Calbee Snapea Crisps Harvest Snaps Flavoured Green Pea Crisps Baked. Wasabi Ranch. Low in Salt. Very High Source of Fiber..sitting around the basement for a while. It's Thursday so I decided to crack them open. When I looked at the best before date 15 MA 19 I realized that this would be a test to see how well Snapea Crisps hold up past their best before (the year in that BB date is 2015). I've had these before and enjoyed them..they just fell to the back of the salty cellar and were passed by in favor of chips. When I peeled off the top of the bag and cracked them, these smell stale. I put a few in my mouth, the crunch is still there..a very airy crunch. The first thing that I noticed in terms of flavour was a nice wasabi bite followe

10,000 Hours

Hardbite's chip names are always, um..I dunno, you sort of pull at the collar of your shirt looking awkward after stating the name. This brings me to Drop'n Mad Beets "handcrafted style" chips. Lightly salted beet chips (when I consumed them they were 9 months past their best before date [I'm just not very good at getting to non-typical chips for tasting]). Scent, like beets. They had a nice crunch, toward the thick aggressive side of the crunch spectrum..the chips then gives way to a slight softness after a couple chomps. Taste, like beets..that have been kettle cooked and lightly salted. The chips are on the smaller side (diameter wise). They have sweet beety goodness. Drop'n Mad Beets are a welcome change of pace however not getting into the regular rotation (these notes are from Feb 7, my assessment at that tie held true, I haven't consumed them again since [after reading my notes I do however want to get another bag]). Halfway through the bag