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Heart That Breaks

I was in behemoth chain store recently and I came across a "NEW!" bag of Ruffles, Sweet & Spicy (I swear I had them a while ago and was confused by the "NEW!" branding but I can't find any notes in my phone and don't appear to have blogged about them in the past, so yeah. I grabbed a bag (and after consuming, the next time I was at the same store I grabbed 3 more bags). The cover shows a bunch of wings with a red honey glazed looking sauce, which is usually a pretty good sign. Do they taste like wings? Well, they taste like wing sauce, a mix of honey garlic and 2nd degree (or something like that). The bite is pretty mild but it's still present and complements the sweet very well. They're standard ruffles; mini ridged and light-mid weight crunch (I believe Ruffles are formed chips however they avoid the taste of eating a bag of instant mashed potatoes that comes with most formed chips, specifically of the Pringles variety [maybe because they'r

I Suppose

This entry's coming a little late, kind of snuck up on me so I'm going to go back to notes from this past January for the chip portion: President's Choice Loads of Creamy Dill Pickle. They're a standard ridged chip, dippable but not overly aggressive crunch. Ridges are wavy as opposed to ruffle style mini ridges. "Not sure about 'loads of', more like generous flavour (with a good even distribution throughout the bag)" (I guess when I consumed them I was expecting a slap in the face level of seasoning). There's dill pickle tartness present but it's not aggressive..and not overly powdery like some brand's "creamy dill" tend to be. I'd put the emphasis on the Dill Pickle side of the name as opposed to Creamy. I'm not a super fan of creamy dill chips in general, these ones are okay (I need to try them again, I could see a future assessment being slightly more positive). Luke McNeill is a major contributor to some fantastic