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Puncture Wounds

A friend of mine recently went on a trip to Mexico and was thoughtful enough to bring me back a couple bags of Barcel Chip's (thanks Top). I had considered blending them into one post, but uh uh, I'm keeping it single bag today and I'm going to let you know what my initial thoughts are on Barcel Chip's (the largest text on the bag reads "Chip's") sabor Fuego Limon, Papas fritas sabor chile y Limon Aridente. El Arte de hacer papas. Now I don't speak or read spanish, so I'm going with these are chile and lime flavoured chips..not sure what Ardiente means (I just googled it before cracking the apparently translates to burning). The back of the bag reads, estan hechas de papa 100% natural (100% natural chips?), I believe it also says a good source of carbohydrates/energy, and no trans fats. They smell like fried potatoes. Not much of a scent when I cracked open the bag, very red seasoning. I was really surprised when I tried the first chip, the

Death & taxes (or the Greg Rekus interview)

Hello chip and music lovers. It looks like I've managed to wrangle another interview (via email) for this here website. This time around I was lucky enough to get Greg Rekus to answer my questions. My introduction to the Rekus of it all was through High Five Drive at Park CC, and the West End CC in Brandon. HFD played Brandon fairly frequently when I was in high school and became what felt like an almost local band (I want to say the Teney connection didn’t hurt the frequency of visits either). When HDF broke up in the late aughts/early whatever last decade was, Greg started to record and tour as a solo act. Since then he's continued to tour (primarily) solo and formed the Inside Job, the band that he records with. And when I say he's continued to tour I mean it. The guy doesn't sit still for long, just go to his website to check out his upcoming tour dates if you don't believe me (and those are just upcoming, he recently finished a tour of western Canada an