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Lets talk about Old Dutch Cheddar and Sour Cream chips. They kind of smell like farts. The chips are your standard flat lightweight potato chip (standard Lays and Old Dutch are pretty much the same for weight comparison). When the chip hops into your mouth you're all, "hey somewhat creamy texture with slight faux cheddar taste, how ya doin?" C&SC politely replies, "Oh, you know, been hanging out with my buddy, Sour Cream and Onion Jr." Then you're all like, "Oh, that's odd because you taste like sour cream and onion's less offensive cousin" "Yeah, that's me. SC&O is actually my Dad's cousin. It's just easier to say buddy than second cousin" "Cool. Since your on the light side of the flavour spectrum do you mind if I take you for a swim in homemade sour cream and onion soup dip?" "Yeah budday! Just make sure you grab a good half dozen of me so that you have the strength to sweep through wi

Honesty Lives Elsewhere

I enjoy collecting. That's a statement that won't surprise many people that know me. I like to hold something in my hands, something physical that can't get lost in a sub-folder or hard drive crash, something that I can feel..or taste. For almost all of my collections however I maintain one primary rule, my collections have to involve direct consumption (that and I have no intentions of ever flipping anything at an inflated price). I make a conscious effort to regularly put needle to all of the physical records that I own (well almost all, there's some clunkers that I've picked up in batches at garage sales or had given to me en masse that I'm slowly sifting my way through [I do intend on giving each one of them at least one spin]), not just their digital counterparts. Any crevice in my car that is large enough to house a cd/cd's does in fact almost always house compact discs (in their cases [not a cd binder, I'm not an animal {I'm wise enough to re

I Love My Kennel

Not the most brutally aggressive, but there's some serious bite to em that keeps you more than intrigued..anyway... This past spring..summer, I don't remember when exactly. Last winter? Yeah, either way, Doritos came out with Doritos Inferno. Being that the bag looked eerily similar to Roulette it was a safe assumption that Inferno would just be the hot chips from Roulette, right? Well let me tell you, Doritos Inferno are their own beast and gee golly was that a fantastic surprise. There's almost an initial sweetness which segues into a chili pepper hot (but not a brutal hot) and finally ends with a chili powder flavour. I haven't seen a bag of these at the store in a minute so I'm guessing they're out of season (fingers crossed). I'm not sure if Doritos is going to be rotating them in and out seasonally or if they're gone 'forever'. Either way, if you see a bag; grab em up, they're a nice hot but not brutal chip. Here's to hoping for t