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Don't Have a Thing

What do Doritos Late Night fully loaded Nachos smell like? Chili powder..err, Old Dutch Mexican chili chips. What do Doritos Late Night fully loaded Nachos taste like? Well, they taste like they smell. Predominantly "chili" (as a chip flavour) flavoured chips with the odd hint of cheese (similar to President's Choice's jalapeno popper chip seasoning [but without the increased heat]). What sets Doritos Late Night fully loaded Nachos apart from..I don't know, not Doritos fully loaded Nacho chips [apart from the obvious seasoning differences]? Well, let me tell you, I found that you get a lot more of the corn chip flavour with these chips compared to typical Doritos (now is this true or have I just not had Doritos in a tell me). Any final thoughts? I thought that these were going to be pretty wack based on the "Late Night" labeling and neon sign looking bag artwork (this is based off of previous superfluous Doritos naming and bag layout).

..Speakers in the Sky

2018 was a busy year. I had a few lengthy stretches between posts on here (I try to keep it bi-weekly...14 days give or take between posts). I managed to cut down on my record purchasing, upped my CD purchasing and got into some of the old chip stock that was pushed to the back in the salty cellar. Below are some things that I enjoyed in the last 365 or so. Chip/Snack Division : - Covered Bridge chips & Co-op Gold PURE chips (these will likely show up every year because they're fantastic. [I (still) haven't tried CB popcorn yet..maybe in 2019 {I'm a chip man, man}, we'll see]) & there is no beating the PURE price point. They're premium chip quality for like $2.70. - Making dip by mixing tartar sauce with sour cream (I bet it'd work pretty well with plain Greek yogurt as well) - Riley's chips. Good chips for the price point. - Co-op Gold kettle cooked Black Pepper & Balsamic Vinegar - Ruffles Sweet & Spicy (could become a regular

Sugar (2018 Table of Contents)

This is just a rundown of my postings in 2018 including: the blog title, chip and music reference for anyone that doesn't want to read all them (I've done this each previous year 2015 , 2016 and 2017 ): January 2018: Tales of Interest - Music (for title): Dopamines. This was a rundown of good things from 2017. Why Should I Care - Music: Dark Thoughts - S/T    Chip: Double Dutch "appetizer edition" Sour Cream, Green Onion and Bacon February 2018: Wild Knives - Music: New Creases & Nervosas     Chips: Cape Cod Sweet and Spicy Jalapeno / Boulder Canyon Red Wine Vinegar Back to the Bright - Music: Needles//Pins - Good Night, Tomorrow     Chip: Riley's Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar March 2018 : Love the World We Have - Music: Ezra (Kire) - Speakers in the Sky     Chips: Tomahawk Chips BBQ, & Tomahawk Chips Ketchup The Way that I Live - Music: Mumford's/Samuel Locke Ward and the Boohoos split 7"     Chips : Joe Chips Sour Cream &