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Anger Management

(I wrote this paragraph before listening to the album or looking at the liner notes) It's Alive Records recently put out the LP version of The Stupid Daikini's 2015 album everything is fine . I've basically avoided knowing anything about this album and/or listening to it (since I heard about it..and that IAR was releasing it physically) prior to having the LP in my hands. I for some unexplained reason assumed that it would be along the lines of folk punk from California when I first heard about the album. Now, it appears (based on the cover and song titles), to be garage punk with an 80's hardcore..possibly Riot Grrrl influence. I believe that the vocals are female and I'm guessing they're going to be closer to yelled/screamed than sang. I anticipate the songs to be drenched with emotion..err anger..and to be bangers. I'm anticipating the songs to be borderline bangers with a little sweet. (I tried these chips a month ago but made no notes so this is off o

Brain is Floating

The Raging Nathans play '94 influenced pop punk. You would have never guessed based on the cover of their newest album Cheap Fame . Somewhat snotty melodic vocals with some nice harmonies. The tempos are up, I bet Raging Nathans shows have super fun pits without attracting those annoying spin kicking change picking up twats (there's some heat, but it's not brutally heavy). Nice galloping bass lines throughout the album. In contrast to the music, the lyrics get quite dark and sad. These guys would fit in on a tour with Dear Landlord, The Copyrights or (not just because they share a member) The Dopamines. Great album. I've only had a few spins at this point but with each flip of the LP it gets better and better, 'tis a catchy one. I'd recommend picking up the album from Rad Girlfriend Records ..or you can download it and pay what you want at their bandcamp . It's that time again, another completely necessary blog about a bag of chips brought home fr