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When I Come Around

Lay's Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Flavored Duet. I'm not sure if you can still purchase them, but you could in the States this past spring. I finally cracked them a couple weeks ago. First whiff, fake bacon flavoured chips. Initial taste, cream cheese with a hint of "bacon" (you know, that sort of unsettling bacon flavour seasoning). The jalap flavour is a little uneven throughout the bag ranging from a mild to medium mild heat. Not your typical jalapeno flavour but..I don't know, they're almost a smokey? heat. The further I got into the bag I found that I was left with a mild chili pepper heat wrapped in cream cheese and a sprinkling of bacon. I'm not a fan of bacon flavoured snacks in if that was cut out of the flavour and it was just cream cheese stuffed jalapenos that'd be tight but as it stands they're pretty decent. So my laptop is running really slow and glitchy right now, but just before I started writing about the aforement

Waka Waka

So this one's a little bit out of format for the saltybag, I'm forwarding on reviews from (one of?) our international correspondent(s) (who at the time of submission didn't know they were providing reviews for this here blog). Willards (limited edition) Crinkle Cut (since 1977) Bunny Chow flavoured potato chips: Light curry with a side of white bread. No bunny. Snoeks Naks Seafood Flavoured Naks "tangy tasty fresh from the ocean": These are weirdly good. Taste like the batter of fish and chips w slight umami. Smell like a fish and chips shop. A snoek is a fish. Messaris "Traditional Quality since 1948" Greek Island Potato Crisps Feta & Olive Flavour: Slight hint of olive. Did feel like I was on a Greek island. Would eat again. So Waka Waka DID have a South African band contribute to the song, and I'm far from the first person to gripe about this but..a Colombian singer. Seriously? SMDH. That's like getting Danny Elfman to write a Hock