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We Can Pretend Like (or the Mike Park interview) [reformatted]

I bet you were starting to think that my blog description was a lie. That there was never going to be inverview on this site! Well, if you're reading this I can guarantee you that there will be at least one interview (we'll see if an s is warranted in the future) because Mike Park of Asian Man Records (and Skankin' Pickle, Chinkees, Bruce Lee Band, Ogikubo Station, solo..solo kids, Kitty Kat Fan Club....[and I'm in Love With a Girl Named Spike "A Degrassi Podcast]) graciously agreed to let me interview him (via email [which I've found may not be the ideal interview format but that was my choice..I figured it'd be easiest to schedule around]). I was pretty excited when he agreed to the interview so hopefully you're just as excited to read without further ado... (the text below hightlighted in green are follow up musings, questions, etc. that weren't part of my initial interview email and I'm guessing may have gotten lost in the email sh

Always Bet On Clark

Is Beer Cheese a classic cheese styling? I've had beer & cheddar soup, I thought that was pretty good..but I don't recall ever having beer cheese. Well, maybe Lay's is lying to me or maybe they're not, but one of their turn up the flavor..flavors..this year is Kettle Cooked Classic Beer Cheese (with an orange lightening bolt between Beer and Cheese). When I cracked the bag and took a whiff they smelt like somewhat stale chips (I think that's the beer in the beer cheese flavouring [the Guaranteed Fresh date is 21MAY2019]). I took a bite and the first thing that popped into my head was, "my, those chips are yeasty..with some thick seasoning (the coverage is fairly good, but I mean the actual seasoning is quite dense). Once you get past the initial yeasty flavour, you're met with a weird faux cheese mixed with..I don't know, it's's almost a the taste of a fair or carnival (I know you can't actually taste a fair/carnival, but you c