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What Would Meek Do?

I was very late to the Pusha T game. When Pusha T put out King Push at the end of 2015 it came highly recommended through the Get Up On This podcast, so I checked it out and from that day on have fully been on board..which inevitably sent me back to the Clipse's classic Hell Hath No Fury and debut Lord Willin'. It's sort of odd it took me that long to get aboard, back in the early 2000's I was aware of the Clipse's radio hits (specifically Grindin' because of the Kardinal Offishall colab on it) but I just never took the time. Well, 2018 brought us King Push's newest offering Daytona. Is it fully of clever wordplay, hard rhymes, vivid pictures and top notch production? Yes. Does it feature a verse by Kanye that starts with "Poop. Scoop! Whoop. Whoopty-whoop!"? Yep (and the delivery of those few words is so infectious). Do I have any complaints about the album? Na, it's a little short I guess at 7 songs and just under 22 minutes (I consider it to

Stay All Night

When I opened up my bag of Flamin' Hot Limon Crunchy Cheetos and took a whiff, well there wasn't much there..fragrance wise they smell like a bag of corn snacks. I find it amusing that the same bag that boasts "Made with Real Cheese!" also has the description of "Cheese flavored snacks" (yes, these are an American bag. Now, I'm not trying to be a dick here and I understand that the bags have a typical layout and standard statements that all bags of Cheetos have of them, irregardless of the flavo(u)r, but these "cheese flavored snacks" taste like chili pepper (slightly hotter than standard jalapeno) with a hint of lime flavo(u)red snacks. The seasoning is present with, at least to me, no room left for cheese flavour and just a hint of corn flavour (most of the corn flavour is wiped out in the manufacturing process) lingering in the background. They have a good crunch followed by melt in your mouth cornmeal softness as Cheetos, or whatever your r

Stairway to heaven 2

Dear Diary, I was in Dollarama last week picking up some last minute..well it doesn't really matter why I was there. Anyway, as I was in the line for the checkout and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a blue bag that I'd seen a million times before. For some reason this time, it's unassuming blue on blue top with stock photo potato chip bottom intrigued me (that in addition to it being 280g for $2). I thought, to myself, 'hey, they carry Covered Bridge..maybe these Made in Canada "D Gourmet" potato chips are some other high end chip that just happens to be carried in dollar stores.'. I proceeded to take the $2 leap and threw them in my basket. Within an hour of getting home I had cracked the bag and was happily consuming. These D Gourmet Salt & Vinegar potato chips were for lack of better term, pretty run-of-the-mill. The chips are somewhat sterile, no well done chips and no skins, and fairly lightweight. The seasoning is faint but fairly well di