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The Way that I Live

I was recently passing through Duty Free on my way back from Oklahoma and I noticed some personal (57g) bags of chips on sale. They were Joe Chips to be exact. "Retro Potato Chips" I grabbed a bag of each of the flavours they had Sour Cream & Toasted Onion, Barbeque, and Sea Salt & Vinegar. The first bag I cracked open was the Sour Cream & Toasted Onion. I neglected to really read the flavour or any of the write up on the back so I was unaware that these were "toasted" onion and also that they're kettle cooked. Prior to reading the back of the bag I made the assessment that these were some sort of hybrid between typical and kettle cooked chips. When I thought they were standard chips I figured that they were on the crunchy side, after reading the back I realized that they're on the light side of kettle cooked, not as many curled up chips as other brands. The flavour is pretty run of the mill SC&O that's evenly distributed throughout

Love the World We Have

This past summer a friend of mine sent me a picture of chips that he had found at the..I believe..Rossburn Co-op. They were something I had never heard of or seen I did what any inquisitive person would do, I googled them. Tomahawk Chips . Aboriginal Owned, No Financial Assistance, Friendchip Choice Native Canadian Chip Corporation (Riverton, MB). I had mentioned these chips to people in the following weeks and low and behold, my family was in (I think) Onanole and they found some of them, BBQ and Ketchup to be exact. Now Tomahawk is a strange chip company, the chips seem to come secondary to the packaging. They have a website with an online store, that does not sell chips, just prints and shirts. I believe that their primary goal is to advertise Native Canadian artists through chip bags and raise founds for (it appears) the Riverton Friendship Centre. I dig what they're doing, it's uplifting (my only gripe is that I haven't seen them in Brandon and can't ord