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Sarah, Send Your Driver

I've had a bag of Kettle Brand Sweet Onion chips in the salty cellar for a while. It took me a while to get to them because, through writing these blogs, I've come to the realization that I'm not super into Kettle Brand chips as a whole..they're generally too greasy (in both touch and taste). When I cracked open the wine coloured bag, to my surprise the chips weren't glistening in standard Kettle Brand fashion. I stared upon the "kettle cooked" slices of potato. I grabbed a crispy little one from the bag and tossed it into my mouth. [I didn't have any preconceived notions as to what the flavouring would taste like] When I got to the crunching I was greeted with a familiar taste...sour cream and onion [I've come to the conclusion that sour cream and onion chips are basically just onion but the creator didn't want them to sound that plain so they added sour cream into the name just for kicks {it should be noted that I haven't eaten sour cream

Lost in the Supermarket

A few months ago good ol' Ricky was in some store in Winnipeg and he stumbled across bags of Tyrrell's Hand Cooked English Chips; WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE & SUNDRIED TOMATO FLAVOUR. He was nice enough to snatch me up a bag of these delicious sounding salty treats. The bag looks like it's trying to evoke a feeling of days gone by. The front of the bag refers to England and the back explicitly states "MADE IN ENGLAND" but they refer to the chips as, well, chips (this confuses me, if anyone from England/UK reads this, please explain to me why they wouldn't refer to them as crisps). Anyway, today I went downstairs and grabbed my bag of Worcestershire Sundried Tomato out of the salty stash..continued on to the beer fridge and pulled out a Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout (because when in England, amiright) and popped a squat on the couch. I opened the bag; yep, kettle cooked lil' things, the seasoning is pretty light based on visual inspection. I gingerly tossed a &

Everybody Want's Something

The wheel, man. There is no need to reinvent it. If one alters a wheel slightly, the change can be very welcomed in my opinion. Throw in a spoke or 2, maybe make parts spin that didn't use to. Slightly altering the wheel is exactly what The Zits (formerly The Zit Remedy) did in the late 80's..early 90's. The Zits took the standard 3 piece rock band lineup, dropped the drums (replacing them with keyboard) and included just the right amount of pop. With the use of bass, drums and keyboard; Joey, Snake and Wheels created one of the greatest pop-rock songs of the 80's; Everybody Want's Something! A simple guitar/bass line married with Joey's lively fingers tickling the (plastic) ivory. The lyrics contained just the right amount of brovado without coming off as egotistic. The chorus rivals anything on the radio today. Everybody definitely want's something, like a good bag of chips. You know what's a good bag of chips? Doritos Dinamita Nacho Picoso rolled to

Hal Johnson Smokes Cigarettes

Tart and somewhat sweet my socks make for a napkin Now they are dyed red Shouldn't just be North flavour is too good to pass soon they will agree Bag opens, search begins Red powder covers greasy potato chunks perpetual search for perfection Almost burnt but not quite, *snatch* Crunch! I think I see a better one Mouth watering Time to shotgun crumbs Will the search ever end Nope Another day, another bag Happy Canada Day, Marc