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Rip Down

I recently picked up a copy of Adam Ant's Vive Le Rock. I don't believe I've ever heard anything from Adam (and the) Ant(s) but I recognized the name of Adam Ant so I figured why not, it was pretty cheap and I always love 'new' music. On the cover Adam's dressed almost hair metalish holding a semi hollow body..the back everyone's dressed 77ish. I got home and tossed the album on. New wave you say. From my experience, mid 80's (85) new wave is generally (There's some interesting parts here [rip down has some infectious yodeling?] and there but for the most part) This album's inoffensive mid tempo radio friendly rock, so..yep. I was hoping for something with a little more of an edge..or up tempo..or interesting. That being said, The Cars first 5 albums are absolutely fantastic (I can't say I've ever really given Door to Door or Move Like This a listen [I should get on that]). A couple nights ago I tore into a bag of Cape

I Know You're Mine

Crack open a bag of Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Dill Pickle Potato Chips and you'll be slapped in the face with that very pleasant smell of Dill Pickle flavour chips. This may lead you to think, "Are these going to be aggressively dill pickley..maybe heavy with the vinegar burn?". Well, saddle up partner because as soon as you throw one of these crunchy ridged thingers in your get an average level of run of the mill dill pickle flavour. The first whiff may be a little misleading, but they're a completely adequate dill pickle chip. As a Kettle Brand chip, you better make sure you have socks on because they're on the greasier side of the chip spectrum. Word to the wise, if you're gonna step into these you may want to have some dip handy, not because the flavour needs to be covered up but because gee golly these are some sturdy chips. You won't find the crunch to be a turn off but I'm pretty sure one could eat a brick of cream cheese with these an