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How would I describe Lay's Streats of the World..Taco you ask? I bet you didn't guess they'd smell like taco seasoning. Do the chips differ from standard flat Lay's? Na, they're pretty typical, on the lighter side of ridges, no skins, pretty sterile. Do they taste like 'plain' chips with a light sprinkling of taco seasoning? Yuppers. There's also a faint onion seasoning way in the background. The seasoning was pretty uneven throughout the bag. I'm not sure if these are still in production, if not..well, you're not missing out on a whole lot. (now don't let my indifference towards the chips taint your opinion of the below music. I didn't really try to tie the two together this week) It took me way too long to acquire MakeWar's sophomore album Developing a Theory of Integrity . It ended up in my bandcamp wishlist a while ago but I just never got around to listening to any of it, then finally a couple months ago I was scr

Multicellular Savagery

So I have a bag of chips that I anticipate is going to be a challenge to consume, with that in mind I wanted to pair them with some heavy music..que a text to Ryan (who's deep into metal of the death/black variety) for a recommendation for a super heavy/aggressive album. I'm just starting to listen to Outer Heaven's late 2018 album Realms of Eternal Decay. Before even listening to the album, based on the cover font, I'm going to go with..death or crust (as I previously mentioned the affinity for death so it must be a death font [do metal genres have distinguishing factors between their fonts])? A few songs in, this shit's heavy. The vocals are gutteral and I'm not sure if my ears just aren't trained to pick up on the deep vocals (based on my primarily punk to hardcore listening tendencies) or maybe they're just too barked to discern what the actual words are (not saying it's a bad thing [and suffice to say I'm not going to be delving into the lyr