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First Evolve, Then Destroy

Winners is the weirdest place. I always just think of it as a cheap place to find cloths, but it's also a bangin' place to find weird/import/off brand chips. A couple months ago I picked up a bag of Burts British Hand Cooked Potato Chips (it's kind of weird that they're not referred to as crisps as Burts is a UK company) Vintage Cheddar and Spring Onion Flavour. I've talked about Burts previously on this here blog but it's been a minute and they're not very common in my area of the prairies. When I peeled the metalized polypropylene apart and took a whiff they faintly smelt like sour cream and onion. I popped a few in my mouth and masticated. They have a fairly strong sweet (green?) onion flavour (very similar to a lot of sour cream and onion chip flavours). There's a presence of cheddar flavour..but I'd say it's more in the background. The onion is the frontman in this band. The chips themselves are pretty good. Skins are left on, they're


Is chili a dip or a meal? In my humble opinion, it's both. True greatness comes from collaboration.  Sure you can have something that's absolutely fantastic on it's own but to truly reach it's full potential some form of collaboration is almost always required. In the case of chili, once you get past the mental barrier that it's a meal AND a dip (society wants you to think that dip can't be a meal [pscha {I'm going to be eating the chips anyway, why not get a little party going in ye olde maw}]) you can enjoy it for it's true potential. The first hurdle is tossing the spoon away and bringing in some corn/tortilla chips. Not much of a stretch there, and I was at that stage for a while. Then one day I didn't have any 'plain' tortilla chips stepped the Doritos (I always try to have some in stock). Still in the corn family and yeah dude, they mesh well with chili. Some sweet chili heat or nacho cheese..tasty..and in my mind that's