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The Mountain Top is Just the Bottom of the Sky

About a month ago I was gifted a bag of tortilla chips (thanks Robert), La Cocina Fiesta Flavour Tortilla Chips to be exact. Upon close inspection..I'm pretty sure I've had La Cocina before..but never really paid any attention to them. Robert was kind enough to point out to me that they are straight outta Ste. Anne, MB (score) and as far as I can tell they're independent (double score). The bag advertises that these are made of Stone Ground Corn. The smell..tortilla chips (what'd you expect). The chips are beautifully light with the edges turned up making them ideal for dipping (and also adds some structural integrity to counteract the light weight of the chips). The seasoning isn't super heavy, but, once again, that goes well with the lightness of the chips. The chip to flavour ratio is pretty good. To me the seasoning had a bit of onion, a bit of garlic and..not shown on the bag but..cheese? They're on the mid to high end of salty. Honestly, my first impressio

Calling Hours

Have you gone to a hardcore show in the last 15 years. Have you seen a sweatshirt/hoodie/tshirt/long sleeve T with BANE across the chest? If you answered yes to one of likely answered yes to both. There's a reason, they were a good band..and for some reason they ended up being seemingly every hardcore band/fans name check band. I first heard them right before my first (and only) time seeing them..opening for Comeback Kid on October 12, 2008 (googled the show and holy shit, I didn't remember the bill having so many bands, 6, wowzer [seeing them perform has stuck with me since. Great stage presence and their singer is such a big gangly guy who wore a sweatshirt during the whole set, like damn that had to have been hot]). Anyway, I didn't get hooked on Bane the first time I heard them, maybe I wasn't in the right mood..I dunno. But as time went by they kept turning up in the rotation and my enjoyment increased with each listen. All this brings me to 2014, they r