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Sometimes it's nice to just take comfort in the familiar. Based on my October 2015 blog post Dammit , and my regular postings related to the many side of pop punk, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Blink 182 is one of my comfort (ear) foods. There are long stretches where Dude Ranch,  Cheshire Cat and the rest of the pre-2005 catalogue reside in the shadows, but I always come back to them. Sometimes it takes hearing a song on the radio, seeing a picture of a bulls testicles, or listening to the Blink 155 podcast. The first two reasons don't really exist however the third I just got into a couple week ago. Blink 155, which started in the summer of 2017, is a podcast in which Canadians Josiah (Exclaim) and Sam (Perfect Youth [fantastic book about the first wave of punk across Canada]) are digging wayyyy deep into all 155 songs that Blink 182 has released. Each episode is centered (more or less [sometimes they get pretty far off topic {they ride the fine line of being a