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All I Wanted

Boulder Canyon Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt hand made style potato chips. Hand made style ? The packaging for the chips makes me think that they're going for a more natural 'healthy' feel, so...that's something. When I opened the bag and took a whiff..well, lets just say that they're  not very fragrant. I popped a kettle cooked seasoned potato slice into my mouth and was met with a nice crunch, the chips are kettle cooked but not overly greasy. The seasoning is somewhat light but, you know, they're still pretty good. There is a hint of sweetness to the chips, might be in the potato but likely that's a result of the malt vinegar flavour. The vinegar flavour is in the background, however, it is definitely present. I'd categorize these chips as being a pretty good light chip..not light as in healthy, but light as know, light. Boulder Canyon Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt are nice for when you want to just down a bag of chips and try to trick yourself in

Gyasi Went Home

Music and alcohol (excessive consumption) always seem to be associated with one another..but the older I get, the less I understand why. Speaking from my own experience alcohol tends to make one lack concentration and forget things and/or be incapacitated and no longer capable of enjoyment. If I'm making an effort to go see live music then why would I want to forget it..I don't know, it just seems counter intuitive, should I not want to remember seeing/hearing a band? I've typically, sometimes intentionally..sometimes out of necessity, tried to avoid mixing alcohol with live music consumption (at least to the point of inebriation). When I was younger I'd often end up being the DD for shows which actually turned out pretty well (necessity); as I've gotten older it's turned into more of an intentional choice to not get dickered before shows. I'd say a major turning point towards intent came in November of 2005..(took me a while to google it, I thought it was