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Beachfront Property

(If you're looking for a review, go to the very bottom to read my words about co-op Gold Pure kettle cooked Jalapeno White Cheddar) Well, 2020 was an odd year. I'm up in Canada so it wasn't quite as odd as other countries, so that was tight..I guess. I believe this was the most growth that my CD collection has seen in years..if not ever. I got some groovy records, still managed to get some American chip flavours. Yeah, so below I'm going to provide an update on what I found to get of note in's not going to be the definitive list of cool stuff, but it's the list that you're getting.  Beyond categorization - I kept the annual(?) interview train going thanks to the kindness of Greg Rekus  - People that I don't know that were nice in one way or another: Both Bazooka Joe and Rob Crooks separately, Thomas Quinlan of Hand Solo Records , Jon Lewis of The Dopamines , Epic and Saskatoon Folk Rap Records - Who Wants $2.69 with Martin Urbano on Twitch via
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Wash Over Me

 This is just a rundown of my postings in 2020 including: the blog title, chip and music reference for anyone that doesn't want to read all them (I've done this each previous year for 2015 , 2016 , 2017 , 2018, and 2019 ): January 2020:   The Beautiful People - Music: Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar     Chip: Miss Vickie's Hickory Smoked Salt Dreamy Little You - Music (for title): Kitty Kat Fan Club. This was a rundown of good things from 2019.   Hardwell Close - Music: The Murderburgers - What a Mess     Chip: Great Value Red Curry February 2020: Death & taxes (or the Greg Rekus interview) - Music: Greg was an interview of Greg Rekus as the title suggests Puncture Wounds - Music: Gatecreeper - Deserted     Chip: Barcel Chip's Fuego Limon March 2020 : The Devil's Martyr - Music: Sacrifice - The One's I Condemn     Chip: Lay's Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle (or Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle Remix) Talk is Cheap - Music: Comeba

No One Wants A Pizza On Xmas Day #2

Christmas music is, well, can be pretty garbage sometimes. There's only so many renditions of the same old 'classics' that you can listen to before you want to smash your head through the wall. But when you can find good (original) christmas music, well, it's delightful. Everyone knows the greatest christmas song ever written, Fairytale of New York. I'm however not going to write about that Pogues classic. I'm going to let you know about an album I got a few years ago made by Connor Ratliff (comedian and entertainer extraordinaire) and Mikey Erg (musician who doesn't sleep); The Spirit of Ratliff A Holiday Soundtrack ep (the A side has Xmas Next year tacked onto the end and the b-side of the LP is Summer is Not XMAS ep). I first found out about Connor Ratliff through The Chris Gethard Show when he was running for president because he was 35 and eligible to do so. TCGS introduced me to Connor's sort of offbeat sense of humor (and I believe was his intro

Posse Can't Be Bothered

 Like they say, local [references] get you local work. A couple months ago a buddy of my made some salsa. It was a bit too spicy for his family so he asked me if I wanted a jar. Well, heck yeah. Homemade salsa that's spicy? Sign me up! A day later I was coming home from an errand and I found a bag hanging from my mailbox, inside was a jar of salsa with a homemade label, "Make your tits sweat salsa"..we'll see about that, we, will, see, about, that. When I opened the jar later that night I was met with an aroma that was a bit like, curry? It looked chunky and towards the orange side. Sort of looked like if a standard and a verde hooked up. There were lots of seeds visible, some white onion and a mix of green and red tomatoes. I could see cilantro up in the mix as well. My first couple tastes were straight from the spoon so that I could get the full flavour, untainted. There was a nice pepper heat, it's not an aggressive chemical burn, just a great flavourful pepper

Brave or Dying Life or Firing Squad

 I was going to post about some pretty localized and/or DIY stuff this week. But then I decided to push that for a future post. Instead I'll regale you with salty notes from my salty phone that's battery is being decimated by the latest iOS update.  Oh, here's a timely one from last week: I'm actually going to post about some limited time chips before they're lost to the ages (I'm pretty sure they're still readily available anyway). I'm on a streak! DORITOS LATE NIGHT BUFFALO HOT WINGS! LIMITED TIME!!! Doritos Late Night series of flavours have been hit and miss to be nice about it. I've posted on this blog about a few of their 'late night' flavours in the past. But the only thing that's really stuck with me about 'late night' is that it's often code for hot garbage. Did Buffalo Hot Wings live up to their older 'late night' bredren's bad rep? Na man, they're actually pretty decent. Going into this bag I had m

Walking Around Town

2020's has been a rollercoaster to say the least. One of the highs that I've been able to find has been by way of mcenroe putting out the Peanuts & Corn 2020 Pod in association with Ugsmag. If you're into music history (more specifically the history of Canadian rap [for the most part within the prairies] then it is an absolute goldmine). Just over a month(?) ago mcenroe put up a P&C adjacent episode with soso . For the most part Sask rap is a pretty big blind spot for me, back in the Napster days I stumbled upon Isosceles, then as the years have gone by I've gotten into Def3 through Sweatshop Union which lead me to Factor and Kay the Aquanaut (that Side Road fam) but up until the soso podcast episode I was unaware of the Clothes Horse Records of it all. Well, let me tell you, I've been missing out, I'm trying to dip in slowly so that I don't overload myself with new music. mcenroe played Hungover for Three Days Straight from soso's 2005 tenth s

Worms of the Senses / Faculties of the Skull

I'm not sure if Sweden is a peculiar place or if maybe they weird up their exports sometimes to mess with people. Either way, my wife went to Ikea this past week and brought me back a couple bags of Ikea chips..(which are a product of the USA..but really, if you're naming your chips fleshlight..err, festligt [wait, that means festive? in english, I thought it'd mean something to do with chips] it seems like they're at least trying to front Swedish). Every so often I return to The Shape of Punk to Come to see if I'm finally down like a clown..Charlie Brown..with the entire album. Each time, before returning to it I tend to think that there's something about it that I just don't get or am not into (hence it not being in my collection). So, about an hour ago I threw it on. The first song is an absolute rager, and at 7 minutes (for a hardcore song) that's quite a feat. They maintain rager status throughout the album, throwing in different world sounds, funk