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1866 (Porch and Portal)

CHEETOS MIX-UPS FLAMIN' HOT & CHEEZY MIX. Now that that's out of the way, tonight I consumed said salty snack. What exactly is this mix you ask? Flamin' Hot (dense Cheetos), Cheddar Jalapeno (somewhat poofy circles), Cheddar and Double Cheddar (poofy Cheetos). When I opened the bag all that I saw was the poofy cheddar and double cheddar snacks, due to the more dense cheddar jalap and flamin' hots the bag was somewhat segregated which was odd but not unheard of. To fully experience this bag I broke out a bowl and dumped em in so that I'd be able to get a more even mix of the bags goodness. Upon close inspection I'd say that the ratio is a little off, I think the flamin' hots got shorted a little in the bag but it wasn't overly severe. Once I stepped into the snack I noticed that even the poofy double/cheddar snacks had residual hot that rubbed off from the other flavours in the bag, this was welcomed. It gave the bag a nice range of heat on top of the

Heartbeaten by Police

Anticipation. When I was a teenager my buddy was making a wakeboard video of us and our friends. After throwing possible titles back and forth for what seemed like forever we settled on Anticipation, this week's post is not about wakeboarding or that video (this is a chip and music blog silly). My ramblings this week however are brought together by anticipation and serendipity (also not the movie). A few years ago I tried to enter Caesar flavour into the Lays Do Us a Flavour, my suggestion was rejected on the basis that the chip flavours had to be for kids as well as parents (that's a paraphrase; I can't remember the exact wording that those clueless turds at Lays had as an auto response on their website [vodka doesn't make the caesar you worthless chuds, it's called a virgin caesar]). Anyway, after that I decided that I'd scour the internet for caesar chips. At the time I could only find one brand that produced a caesar flavour chip, President's Choice (I