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Retten Til Forskellighed / Break It All

When I review Pringles I can't just sit there, crack open a specific flavour and write down my findings. This is mostly because Pringles are the 98° of the chip world (if they never existed most people wouldn't really care). I have to add in a little twist to make it fun for me (and not just a mouthful of mediocre at best, terrible at worst "chips"). I've had a couple salt and vinegar tubes of "chips" waiting in the salty cellar for a while. I had picked up a Pringles tube a while ago intending to review it in the mass Pringles review of 2016 . At some point before said review I came accross some no name (the brand sold at Superstore) chip cans I came to the conclusion that, due to salt and vinegar being one of my favourite flavour families, I would consume the can of Pringles S&V against the no name S&V (this was mostly out of a curiosity whether all tube chips tasted like flavoured potato paste and/or salty garbage). It took me a while to get

Take the World I'm Coming Home with You

2016 happened. We now live in the future, 2017..(or something like that) Below I've listed some stuff that I enjoyed in 2016. The stuff on the list isn't necessarily new for 2016, maybe just new to me..basically just stuff that I enjoyed consuming in the last 365 or so.  I'm out of order? No, you're OUT OF ORDER!! THIS WHOLE LIST IS OUT OF ORDER!!! Chip/Snack Division : - "Homemade" onion and sour cream dip (from a NY Times article , super easy [Thanks JLCVan]) - Covered Bridge (in case you weren't aware, you can order them online at a reasonable price, it's a little more than in the store, but when you can't find certain flavours (loaded hot dog, sweet and spicy jalapeno [haven't tried them yet, box is on the way[) locally it's a nice plan B. - President's Choice (the flavour rainbow combined with consistency is unmatched [now just send some Caesar chips to Brandon {seriously!!}]) - Tayto (and the local Super Thrifty sto

What Has This To Do With Me (2016 Table of Contents)

This is just a rundown of my postings in 2016 including: the blog title, chip and music reference for anyone that doesn't want to read all them: January 2016: Applebee's Bar - Music: Spraynard - Mable    Chip: President's Choice Kettle Cooked Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar Heartspark Dollarsign - Best of 2015 list     Music: (for title) Everclear Power Dynamics - Chips: President's Choice Sriracha     Music:  Hi Ho Silver, Away! - Chore     The Dark Lord - Chip: Kettle Brand Pepperoncini     Music: Black Tower - The Secret Fire     February 2016: I Will Be Heard -     Music: Hatebreed     Chips: Doritos 3 Degrees   (less of a review more of a musing)   Three to the Beach - Music: Dear Landlord - Dream Homes     Topic: Best Before Dates March 2016 :   You Make Me Feel Like a Whore - Music: Everclear     Chips: Lays do us a Flavor/Flavour New York Reuben / Montreal Smoked Meat   Cult - Music: Slayer - Vinyl Conflict Box Set    Chip : Lays do us