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Wrath Upon Ourselves

I'm not feeling all that great right now so I'm going to hold off on posting about chips that I'm excited about. Time to dip into the back of the salty cellar and see what I retrieve... Great Value Kettle Cooked Burnin' Hot Potato Chips. They apparently have no cholesterol (isn't that surprising [these must be health chips, amiright?!?]). They also give you nutrition facts on 28g (1oz) rather than the pretty typical 50g. Why am I pointing that out? Because right under the popping no cholesterol label on the front it says "See Nutrition Information for Total Fat Content" (which is 10% per 28g..or about 18 chips [with sodium at 7% per 18..that's actually not to bad]). Now that I'm through trying to figure out what health means. They smell like chips, some might say..potato chips. The crunch is mid-weight, some might say average. The flavour is burnin' hot, some might say that the name is actually pretty accurate. There's a bit of oil in the

Giving Up The Worries For A Chance To Believe

Everything's been turning up Millhouse in the chip and music department lately. New Murderburgers came in the mail a couple weeks ago..along with the debut KKFC LP that I'll write about below. Mal Blum's new album Pity Boy comes out in 8 days, Small Crush's debut is expected late July..and that's just the tip of the iceburg. On top of that, Co-op Gold Pure chips just released 4 new flavours (3 haven't been previously released by Covered Bridge). Hot dang I'm excited for some blog posts..if y'all are too, fantastic..if not, your loss. So as mentioned above, my copy of Kitty Kat Fan Club's debut LP " Dreamy Little You " finally made it's way to my front door (and by the looks of the shipping box it may have been a long and semi lost journey. Why was I so excited for this, because based on their 2 previous 7"s I've been pointing towards the fence since they announced that an LP was coming out. What does KKFC sound like on Dreamy