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Sequels, Remakes, & Adaptations

Familiarity is both a gift and a curse. If something is too familiar it can run the risk of being tired or boring..on the other hand, if something is familiar with it's own little twist it can be comforting while still providing some of that (sort of) new new that we all crave. When I was first made aware of Co-op Gold Pure Loaded Burger Kettle Cooked Potato Chips I was pretty excited. This excitement was based on 2 things; 1 - new Pure chip flavour 2 - the new flavour being 'loaded' from Covered Bridge..err, Co-op Gold Pure. If you've been reading this blog for a minute you might recognize Covered Bridge's Loaded Hot Dog popping up in 2016. Lets just say, they were bangin'. I had a sense of what I could expect with Loaded Burger (and CB stopped production of Loaded Hot Dog earlier this year) were my expectations met? Youbetcha! Loaded Burger is basically Loaded Hot Dog with some Montreal Steak Spice sprinkled on top (really, I think CB mixed their Loade

The Git Up

Angry Burger Takis “Zesty”    “spicy hamburger flavour” Mild relish/pickle flavour. Heat is less than zesty. Mild after burn, MILD. Thought they’d be bad, turned out to be meh. Slightly less than a jalap heat. Maybe the faintest hint of tomato? Haven’t tried them again since and probably won’t again. Stay hydrated, marc