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Mother Teresa Chokeslams the World / On wid da Show

So it would appear that Ruffles are trying to expand the standard American chip flavour pallet on the backs of Canadians. On a trip this spring I picked up a bag of American Ruffles All Dressed "#1 Flavor in Canada". "What does all dressed mean? Find out on back!" and according to the back, yadda yadda yadda.."that somehow taste salty, savory & sweet all at the same time. Sounds good, eh?". As I wanted to find out what these chips that are all the rage in Canada taste like I grabbed a bag. Cracked them open, a slight fragrance of vinegar..with potato chips. My first few snag and crunches..not a whole lot. The seasoning is pretty uneven ranging from adequate to "is there seasoning on this chip?". When I found some with discernible seasoning it tasted like a vinegary bbq.maybe a bit of ketchup trying to make some noise..I dunno, it's all dressed. The chips are standard Ruffles, somewhat thin with tiny ridges. I don't consume Ruffles ver

Punkie / Made to Make You Fail

I can't remember the first time that I heard of Sean Paul, I want to say that I saw a low budget music video that he released in the late 90's on Much Music (back before they dropped the Music)..but I can't figure out what song it was for (maybe it was a feature?..)..either way, lets just say that I was first introduced to Sean Paul through Money Jane from Kardinal Offishall's Firestarter Vol 1. (Kardi's classic album). It seems that not too shortly after that feature Sean Paul just blew up. The next thing I knew Gimme the Light dropped and wowzers,, he was everywhere. Dutty Rock sold like crazy (I can't say that I purchased the album when it came out..but I managed to hear every song off of it..somehow) and hot dang there were some bangers. I still listen to Gimme The Light , Like Glue and Punkie somewhat regularly. Living in Bdn, MB being exposed to dancehall isn't a regular occurrence (and I haven't taken much time to delve into the genre) so I can&