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380 Times

Got around to the Sprouts Potato Co. Kettle Style Chips Salt & Vinegar, "Salty Tangy" "Crispy Crunch" that I had picked up when in the states this past spring. I was quite looking forward to them as the previous sprouts flavour that I'd tried was quite okay. When I cracked the bag it was quite fragrant with the tangyness of vinegar. With my first bite I found the seasoning to be quite ordinary, not super heavy but present. As I kept consuming the 141g bag I noticed that the odd chip had a weird tang to it, similar to a malt vinegar but not quite the same..those chips have a more aggressive bite to them (with a hint of sweetness but not on the Covered Bridge levels). The odd chips had a real earthy taste to it as well (which I'm into). There was a good ratio of standard vs well done chips within the bag. The crunch is similar to the other Sprouts bags that I've had where it's not quite your typical aggressive kettle cooked crunch but somewhere be

Cutesy Monster Man / Skyline Drive / My Jacket

Apparently last week was my blog week..that came and went. Earlier today I was going through the notes on my phone and I noticed that there were quite a number of notes for chips that I had consumed but not blogged about today I'm catching up on a few past chip notes.. December 10, 2016 ...I consumed Covered Bridge Red & White Potato Chips with Sea Salt. I believe these were some sort of Canada Day related chip..but I'm not all that sure. They're a nice fully flavoured covered bridge chip with skins and deep browning on an adequate portion. Lightweight kettle cooked..a tad greasy but that comes with the kettle cooking and such. Being kettle cooked they hold up to dipping fairly well. It could be in my head but the red chips had a slightly more earthy flavour than the standard "white" potato chips. They're Covered Bridge plain basically the best plain chips you're going to get. I tried out two Heluva Good dips as well. Heluva Good