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Ghost of a Chance

This post isn't necessarily judging the chips that I consumed on February 7, is however a quick lesson on how I've learned to interpret best before dates. The following is a direct quote from my phone notes, "Sensations sweet potato kettle cooked chips with sea salt. 1 year 7 months past best before date. Smell like animal feed. Somewhat soft crunch, shit's definitely stale". It appears that I cracked another way past best before date on Feb 7, 2017, "Covered Bridge sweet potato with sea salt. Smell kind of like alfalfa. Somewhat soft crunch, taste like a mix between how they smell and sweet potato fries. Generously salted. Fist time I've had sweet potato chips. Also 1 year 5 months past best before date. Need to try again."  What I've found with chips and best before dates is that when you're dealing with potato chips, kettle cooked generally stays fresh longer than standard chips. Small bags seem to go stale a lot sooner t

Signal Dreams

I received a puzzle for christmas 2017..the picture was made up of dozens of potato chip bags. As I completed the puzzle people kept asking me if I had tried all the chips. Well, some were old and appeared to be discontinued prior to me being born, some were flavours that I hadn't tried of brands that I was aware of and/or had consumed..and some were completely foreign to me. One of these foreign bags was Zapp's. When my wife was in Bottineau about a month ago she picked me up a couple bags of Zapp's chips, so it should go without saying that I was pretty excited when I got to check out the US chip booty. Zapp's Potato Chips (a Division of Utz Quality Foods, LLC Hanover, PA) are "New Orleans Kettle Style" and the flavour that I'm consuming today is Voodoo. I have no per-conceptions of what this flavour will taste like. At first sniff, an all dressed heavy in the mesquite bbq. At first taste..well, I'd say they taste like they smell. Voodoo is in the al