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Saving Face

I once had haggis chips gifted to me by my buddy Ricky. They were thick cut potato crisps. Stay hydrated, Marc PS.. The haggis chips were of the Mackie's of Scotland brand. Well, here we are with another bag of Mackie's, this time however they're a more standard flavour, sea salt & vinegar flavour to be exact; naturally grown & gently cooked. The bag, well the bag is quite fetching. The chip description is primarily on what I'd call a natural paper (you know that brown cardboardish looking paper) texture with brilliant blue text and a background that matches the text colour. There's vine graphics surrounding the 'label' on the front. All in all packaging is top notch. When I opened this work of art I saw thick looking chips (upon reading the back of the bag afterwards it appears that my visual assessment was exactly as Mackie's intended their product to be [I had forgotten that Mackie's were all thick cut crisps]). Anyway, I popped on

You Can't Sexy Dance to Punk Rock

I've been listening to my record collection alphabetically for a while. This past week I came to the R's. On the weekend I threw on The Rezillos, earlier this week Ridgemont then yesterday it was time for The Riot Before. Since I have my records organized alphabetically for band then chronologically once I'm into a band, the first Riot Before album that I threw on was Fists Buried in Pockets . You know what's the best thing about Fists Buried in Pockets? Everything. When one's music collection is expanding at a rapid enough pace it's easy to forget about or overlook albums..(no matter how enjoyable said album/band is)..which takes me back to The Riot Before's Fists Buried in Pockets. The Riot Before play mid to uptempo punk rock. There's a folk influence, not so much as a guy sitting on a stool with an acoustic guitar kind of way, moreso in the poetic socially concious lyrics kind of way (that being said there is harmonica and some less instrumentally de