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No One Wants A Pizza On Xmas Day #2

Christmas music is, well, can be pretty garbage sometimes. There's only so many renditions of the same old 'classics' that you can listen to before you want to smash your head through the wall. But when you can find good (original) christmas music, well, it's delightful. Everyone knows the greatest christmas song ever written, Fairytale of New York. I'm however not going to write about that Pogues classic. I'm going to let you know about an album I got a few years ago made by Connor Ratliff (comedian and entertainer extraordinaire) and Mikey Erg (musician who doesn't sleep); The Spirit of Ratliff A Holiday Soundtrack ep (the A side has Xmas Next year tacked onto the end and the b-side of the LP is Summer is Not XMAS ep). I first found out about Connor Ratliff through The Chris Gethard Show when he was running for president because he was 35 and eligible to do so. TCGS introduced me to Connor's sort of offbeat sense of humor (and I believe was his intro

Posse Can't Be Bothered

 Like they say, local [references] get you local work. A couple months ago a buddy of my made some salsa. It was a bit too spicy for his family so he asked me if I wanted a jar. Well, heck yeah. Homemade salsa that's spicy? Sign me up! A day later I was coming home from an errand and I found a bag hanging from my mailbox, inside was a jar of salsa with a homemade label, "Make your tits sweat salsa"..we'll see about that, we, will, see, about, that. When I opened the jar later that night I was met with an aroma that was a bit like, curry? It looked chunky and towards the orange side. Sort of looked like if a standard and a verde hooked up. There were lots of seeds visible, some white onion and a mix of green and red tomatoes. I could see cilantro up in the mix as well. My first couple tastes were straight from the spoon so that I could get the full flavour, untainted. There was a nice pepper heat, it's not an aggressive chemical burn, just a great flavourful pepper