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(This Is Not) The First Time

Sour Cream & Onion isn't the most exciting chip flavour. In my opinion it's a flavour that often gets overlooked due to it's lack of flash, bang, POW! SC&O is an inoffensive flavour..which makes my next statement all the more surprising. A month ago I was on a road trip and I stumbled upon a bag of Sour Cream & Onion in a gas station, I grabbed them and have been pretty excited to pull open the bag since. The reason for this excitement..they're Covered Bridge. When I cracked the bag tonight and took a whiff, well..there isn't much to be said, SC&O is not the most fragrant flavour. The chips look like standard Covered Bridge, some skins and just the right ratio of perfectly browned chip to potato yellow. I tossed one in my mouth and was met with an evenly flavoured somewhat thick creamy SC&O seasoning. Every once in a while the actual potato chip shines through with some skin or browned potato flavour which just adds to the the SC&O flavour ra

For The Night's I Can't Remember

I've been looking forward to? this post for a while..I think? Pringles, I believe they once went by a slogan of "Once you pop you can't stop". I have never agreed with that slogan, for as long as I can remember they've been the mountain dew to my crab juice. Whenever I see someone with a can of Pringles I seriously question their sanity. All that aside, I haven't crunched on a tube in I'm guessing 10+ years and maybe my tastes have changed. I figured that in order for me to make a serious post regarding \em I had to get me some tubes and crunch away. You know, have a fresh take on these formed and tubed "potato chips". There have certainly been Pringles flavours that have intrigued me so I snatched up a handful of tubes when they went on sale; Spicy Guacamole (actually pretty good flavour wise), Jalapeno (meh, not enough Jalap too much Pringle "chip" flavour), Pizza (kind of tastes like 3 cheese pizza pops, weird tasting faux "ch