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It's my Life Sentence

Culo (with the double dot above the 'u') and sriracha. for some reason those words seemed to go together. Now do the flavours? Well let me tell you... Wavy Lays Sour Cream & Sriracha. They're wavy lays. The actual chip is nothing to write home about, fairly sterile with enough thickness and crunch to be adequately dippable. What about the seasoning you ask? Well, coverage is okay. First impression is that they taste like typical sour cream based flavours, you get a lot of potato with em and a simulated sour cream not quite sour but you know, smooth-sour? The sriracha is present but not overpowering, it takes quite a number of chips before you start to feel any heat. There's a mild sweetness to these lil thangs. If you're into sour cream based flavours and want to get a lil frisky, give em a go. I'd like to see another chip brand try this flavour combo on for size, could be really interesting on a better chip base. I'd recommend trying them at least onc

Phonics Failed Me

Cayetana is a weird name. Anyway, earlier this year I read something about Cayetana releasing their second LP New Kind of Normal ..on twitter..IG..I honestly don't know exactly where I read about it..maybe it was in Razorcake? Does it matter? Either way, the words I read made me want to check them out. I ended up heading to their Bandcamp and listening to half a song at which point I decided that I'd wait to get the album before listening any further. A couple weeks ago I finally pulled the trigger and ordered it..came in this past Thursday. Not gonna bury the lead here, this three piece delivered a killer sophomore album. Beautifully raspy emotive vocals often delivering melancholic lyrics. Very lively bass lines with an 80's effect now and then (lazy explanation..the bass at times reminds me of The Cure). Twee comes to mind along with a mix of 80's and 90's alt rock (I want to say there's a similarity to The Cranberries but I don't fully agree with that..y