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You're Only As Healthy As You Feel

A month or two ago I was on the Wasted Wax Records store/distro picking up some LP's cause I've dug everything that they've put out as a label, had a few holes to fill in my collection and figured that anything they put out as distro would be up to the same sonic standard as their own releases. One of the LP's that I picked up was Mandible Klaw's S/T from 2016 (YYC band, Handsome Dan Records). By the looks of it I had assumed that it'd be somewhere in the hardcore/metal spectrum..Deranged Records..ish. Was I right? Yep, MK play 80's style hardcore punk in the vein of whatever you think is good with a hint of thrash thrown in (there's the slightest hint of rock in there too). They rarely take their foot of the gas, the guitar's are intricate without being wankey (some solos, there's leads, there's fantastic music) and the odd breakdown(ish) part I'm willing to bet won't initiate a spin kicking, arm flailing douchepit. The vocals are

Phantom Limbs

What do Sprouts Potato Co Kettle Style Chips..Truffle Flavor Number 10, "Sweet Tangy" "Crispy Crunch" chips taste like you ask? Well, I'd say that one of their parents was in the sour cream and onion family while their other parent was in the (mesquite) barbecue family. When you take a whiff of the freshly cracked bag there's no real seasoning fragrance, just chips and oil. How crunchy are they? Well, previous bags of Sprouts that I've had came off as a more airy kettle cooked chip..for some reason this bag comes off as your standard mid weight kettle cooked (I find this odd, maybe my previous tastings of other flavours tainted me and gave me unachievable expectations with regards to actual chip [either way the chips are still good, not too greasy with some crunch]). The seasoning for the most part is on the light side..which is when I taste more of a SC&O than mesquite..but the odd chip is fairly well seasoned and the mesquite barbeque is more at th