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Talk About Love

About a month ago I tweeted at Covered Bridge "any plans for an all dressed release?"..I never heard back. That's cool...This past June I was driving on my way to Vancouver for a wedding and I stopped to get gas. When I entered the gas station I saw that they had a Covered Bridge standee. When I approached the standee I got pretty excited. They had two flavours that I had yet to consume; Sour Cream & Onion and Limited Batch Loaded Hot Dog. It wasn't the flavours as much as them being Covered Bridge that made me excited. Sure, hot dog/hamburger flavoured chips usually taste like hot garbage or something similar..but Covered Bridge yo! Finally about a week ago I cracked the Loaded Hot Dog bag. When I peeled the bag open I was greeted with the pleasant scent of standard covered bridge chips (sort of well cooked potato) and then a hint of all dressed smell wafted out. *Crunch* Is that a hint of yellow mustard?..wait ketchup?..wait! dill relish?!! There were flavours

Just Like Honey

A (month?) ago I was listening to the Anxious and Angry podcast (great pod [from Ryan Young {off with their heads}] if you don't already listen) and he played Just Like Honey by The Jesus and Mary Chain. Up to that point for some reason (I guess due to the Chain in their name) I had associated Jesus and Mary Chain with Alice in know, meh rock (grunge). Suffice to say when I heard Just like Honey I was pleasantly surprised, it was beautifully mellow uk 80's pop rock. So I got to the Googles and found a stream of the full album that Just like Honey was on, Psychocandy . All around a great album of hypnotic rock that splits it's time between distorted guitar (with the gain at 10) that at times can be quite abrasive and clean mellow reverbed out guitar. Both of which go perfectly with the somewhat monotone (reverby) vocals. I'm pretty happy that Ryan introduced me to a band that would have (most likely) went unnoticed by me FOREVER. (I picked up their 21 Singl