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Have the Time

When I was..17?..I was at the CD Plus across from Sportsmans and I made some great purchases. I grabbed a copy of Better off Dead (strictly based on Lanemeyer naming themselves after it), Op Ivy's S/T discography CD and Give em the Boot II (Hellcat Records). I can't remember why I picked up Give em the Boot II (maybe it was Rancid's cover of if the kids are united..), anyway, damn that comp was awesome. The mix of ska, punk and other punk adjacent genres on it is almost unbeatable. It introduced me to at least a handful of bands that I followed for quite some time..and some that I follow to this day. One of those bands that are still in rotation to this day is The Slackers . From first listen of the bouncy Have the Time they had my attention. For a while I just listened to their songs that were on the various Give em the Boot comps. Eventually (since this was the mid 00's) I acquired a few of The Slackers albums digitally ( The Question and Peculiar ) but for some reas

All in Time

Bonsoir. Do you like to party? Well you've come to the right place than because if you're reading these words you've already come too far and there's no turning back, you might as well read the rest of the words below until you hit the 'stay hydrated' tag line. No if's and's or but's. I'm about to take you on a lyrical, spiritual, miracle of a trip with my following prose. If you're new to this blog I'll let you in on a little secret (and if you've read posts on this blog before you've probably picked up on my subtle hints that) I like chips and music. Completely new, old, familiar, nostalgic, it doesn't matter man, if I can consume on of the aforementioned vices (or even better BOTH)  then it's a good day. What constitutes a great day you ask?..well, we'll leave that for another day. Sometimes I'm blunt with my music and chip connections in my blog posts, sometimes I'm more or less grasping out at straws...but

Off Wit His Head

I had thought that I found Big Pun through the How We Roll music video, but when I pulled it up it didn't look familiar. I'm almost certain that it was through one of his music videos playing on Much Music (in hindsight, I had heard his songs, or snippets thereof, prior but never knew who the artist was). I'm not sure why any of that matters. The first and only Pun CD that I had in my collection (up until a few weeks ago) was Endangered Species.Why I stopped at Endangered Species and didn't back track into his previous 2 albums is beyond me, it was a banger of an album (a compilation album but a banger nonetheless). So like I eluded to, about a month ago I was revisiting Pun's first posthumous and fell down a brief wiki hole looking into reviews of his other albums, fast forward to last week when Yeeeeah Baby arrived in the mail and I threw it in the CD player. Wow that album was familiar, I had either procured it in the days of napster/limewire and bumped it, or