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A couple months ago when one could still cross the border I was lucky enough to have someone pick up a bag of 'merican chips for me (thanks Tyler), Doritos Flamin' Hot Limon to be exact (are all bags of Doritos in the states big? it's 276.4g [I question their precision, but good on 'em for being that specific]). They smell like corn chips and look red like fire (as flamin' hot does). I think first the lime hits, then a hot pepper based heat, followed by a stronger lime zing and topped out by a nice mild afterburn. The third quarter also lets the corn flavour make it's way through that disappears for the last quarter and re-appears in the aftertaste. I like the citrus flavour that the limon adds to the standard flamin' hot flavour, its refreshing..salty but refreshing. They're spicy and get forehead sweats going..but it's an enjoyable forehead sweat. Dipped into some queso, it's a bangin' medley of flavour. Woohah. I've started re-watchi

I Ain't Lazy

What do you get when you take some of the best base chips made in Canada and bring them to the prairies and smash them together with honey Gold Pure Honey Dill Kettle Cooked Potato Chips (Born Local, Ace Burpee). Last summer Ace hooked with Red River co-op in Winnipeg and put out a super limited edition chip flavour..honey dill (that was only sold at Red River co-op stores [if you're unfamiliar with the Canadian co-op chain, there are many sub sets that are all under the "co-op" banner, so in this case {last summer} the honey dill were only available under the Red River set]). Well, it must have went over well because a couple weeks ago my wife was at the Heritage co-op here in Brandon and low and behold they had Pure Honey Dill chips. It looks like co-op expanded it's honey dill chip flavour supply to cover stores outside of Winnipeg (I'm not sure if it's Manitoba wide, or prairie wide..if anyone has seen them out of Manitoba let me know). I was l